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Sukkah 2021 Registration

Congregation Ansche Chesed Sukkah Rules

As with all things during this pandemic, there is a variety of rules that we have set in order to maintain appropriate social distancing and for the overall health of our community. We ask that you follow these rules as you enjoy our communal sukkah.

1. Advance registration is REQUIRED at least 24 hours in advance.

2. The Sukkah will only be open to pre-registered members in good standing and their families and guests. No unscheduled walk-ins or access to nonmembers. List all attendees on this form.

3. Members may register for 60-minute time slots. Once your time has finished, clean up after yourselves and leave the area so that the next members may enjoy the Sukkah.

4. Each person attending, over age 12, needs to bring proof of Covid vaccination when they enter the building. Unvaccinated children 12 and under may come with their families.

5. There is a max of 120 spots on the main roof and 30 spots on the 5th floor patio. Spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

6. Hours of the Sukkah are as follows:

Monday, 9/20/21: 6pm-10pm
Tuesday, 9/21/21: 1pm-10pm
Wednesday, 9/22/21: 1pm-10pm
Thursday, 9/23/21: 10am-10pm
Friday, 9/24/21: 10am-10pm
Saturday, 9/25/21: 1pm-10pm
Sunday, 9/26/21: 10am-10pm
Monday, 9/27/21: 1pm-10pm

7. When registering, select the location of the Sukkah, date and time requested. Requests for Saturday, 9/25/21 and Sunday, 9/26/21 must be made by Friday afternoon, 9/24/21.

8. Requesting a certain location, date or time slot doesn't guarantee that spot. You'll receive an email confirming your request or asking you to make another choice if your request is unavailable.

9. While walking through the Ansche Chesed building, and in the elevator, all individuals must be masked.

10. While Ansche Chesed will provide limited eating supplies, we do recommend that you bring your own utencils, plates, cups and napkins and take them with you (if they are not disposable) to wash at home at the end of your meal. Ansche Chesed will not be providing beverages.

11. Only dairy/vegetarian meals are allowed in the Sukkah. Alcohol is permissible.

12. If you will be using the elevator to go up to our roof, please insure that only one household is in the elevator at a time.

Please list the names of attendees
Select up to 5 Sukkah reservations
If necessary, let us know something about your requests, such as listing the names of attendees, past the 8 you wrote earlier.
Thu, September 16 2021 10 Tishrei 5782