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  • Sunday ,
    JunJune  5 , 2022
    Shavuot Nature Walk with Jacob Kose
    Sunday, Jun 5th 11:00a to 1:00p
    Program We’ll meet and follow the water around the north woods to discuss how Shavuot, the middle of our three pilgrimage festivals, is rooted in nature’s ancient rhythms. We will tell the story of our ancient grain harvests, and how Jewish farmers knew when to plant and when to harvest wheat—we’ll even plant sunflower seeds in the park, and feed songbirds, to continue telling the story of our mid-year rhythms. What and how we study on Shavuot means many things to many Jews, but at the heart of every harvest story is water. As we explore and listen to the woods, we’ll learn a different way to see and feel water that will remind us of our harvest festivals every year. We’ll emerge for a picnic lunch at the Great Hill, with music and songs. Please bring your own lunch, there are bathrooms at the great hill. ABOUT JACOB KOSE Jacob Kose is a Jewish environmental educator, farmer, and storyteller based near the last old growth New York City forest in Inwood Park. He is the in-house nature and sustainability educator at the Heschel School and former farm manager at Eden Village Camp, with ten years of farming and outdoor education experience teaching preschoolers through adults. He loves to walk around the North Woods with a sense of wonder and people of all ages and backgrounds.


  • Saturday ,
    JunJune  11 , 2022
    Shabbat Family Beit Midrash
    Shabbat, Jun 11th 10:45a to 12:00p
    All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders and their parents are invited to join our "AC Family Beit Midrash" on 3 Shabbat mornings in April, May and June. Kids from ACHS, day schools, and beyond, are all welcome! Sessions will be led by Matt Check, Adina Beiner (AC Youth Director & Beit Rabban teacher), Jess Feiwus (ACHS teacher & Schechter Manhattan teacher) and Tommy Treitel (Big Kids Service Leader). We will have fun together, build community, study in family groups, and in groups of just kids and just parents. We will study selections from the Makhloket Matters curriculum, which uses a Jewish lens to look at communication skills and sees issues from different perspectives. After the Beit Midrash, families are welcome to the Sanctuary for the conclusion of services, and then Kiddush! Register here by Wednesday, April 6th!





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