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Membership Renewal 2022-2023 Online

Please provide the mailing address you would like us to use for all physically mailed shul communications. If you change your mailing address during the year, please help us update our records by emailing or calling 212-865-0600 x202.
Ansche Chesed offers several membership options:
  • Individual Membership, for single adults without children
  • Family Membership, for married or partnered couples living together with or without children, and for single adults with children. Children must be up to age 25. Children age 26 or older will need a separate membership.
  • Full-Time Student Membership (NOTE: This membership does NOT include High Holiday Tickets).
  • Outof-Town Membership, for anyone living outside the New York metropolitan area. (NOTE: This membership does NOT include High Holiday tickets.)
Please write the names of the adults in the membership
Please write the names of the children and their ages in the membership

If you would like to pay an amount other than your fair share dues, please mark one of the two "Other Amount" options in the Membership Dues Field above, and indicate in this field the amount that you would like to pay in dues this year.  If you select "Other Amount if paying more than $1000,"  you will automatically be charged the mandatory $180 security fee on monthly statements. If paying less than $700 for an individual or $770 for a family membership, please contact Josh Hanft or Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky to discuss privately. 

Select the number of high holiday seats requested. Individuals are entitled to one ticket. Families are entitled to one ticket for each adult (up to two) and one ticket for each dependent child between the ages of 6-25. Children under 6 do not require a ticket. Additional tickets for extended family members and adult children are available for $175 each. 
How many additional in-person High Holiday Sanctuary Service tickets requested ($175 each)?
How many additional in-person High Holiday Minyan Ma'at Service tickets requested ($175 each)?
I/we would like the same in-person assigned seat(s) as in 2019 and understand that, to be honored, this request must be received by August 1, 2022.
I would like to make an additional contribution towards...

*For all membership dues pledges $1000 and higher, a mandatory additional $180 security fee will be added to the total pledge.

Please include any additional information you want us to know about your membership.

Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782