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2017 achs purim carnival booth/activity sponsorships

03/12/2017 Pie Haman
Name Jessica
03/12/2017 Psychedelic Tie-Dye Tees
Name Jeff
03/12/2017 Crowns of Royalty Open Register Now
03/12/2017 Guess Esther's Candy
Name Judy
03/12/2017 Esther's Beauty Salon
Name Ricki
03/12/2017 Persian Candy Search
Name Stephanie
03/12/2017 Uncle Mordy's Hoop World Open Register Now
03/12/2017 Purim Photo Frames
Name Nancy & Douglas
03/12/2017 Tzedakah Penny Toss
Name Jack
03/12/2017 Feed Haman
Name Marla
03/12/2017 King's Wheel of Purim
Name Michael and Stephanie
03/12/2017 Shushan's Cookie Decorating
Name Nina
03/12/2017 Royal Gym & Fitness Center
Name Amy
03/12/2017 Vashti's Cafe
Name bruce
03/12/2017 Pin the Crown on the Queen Open Register Now
03/12/2017 Balloon Animals of Persia
Name Seth
03/12/2017 A Gragger Designed for a King
Name Nicole and Aaron
03/12/2017 Shushan Bowling League Open Register Now
03/12/2017 Where Is Haman's Gold? Open Register Now
03/12/2017 Jump and Hula Like Vashti Open Register Now
03/12/2017 Fishin' With Mordy
Name Dana
03/12/2017 Masks of Royalty
Name Helen
Sponsor a booth/activity for $50 at the Ansche Chesed Purim Carnival! Each year, our Purim Carnival serves the children and families of the Ansche Chesed community, as well as Purim merry-makers from around the Upper West Side.
In addition, the Ansche Chesed Purim Carnival is the primary fundraiser for our Hebrew School. Whether you're a current parent or grandparent, a former Hebrew Schooler, a believer in the benefit of Jewish education, or just a general AC booster, sponsoring our Purim Carnival provides you with an opportunity to help out the children of our community. Todah Rabbah - thank you for supporting our carnival and our school.


Mon, 27 February 2017 1 Adar 5777